Staircases, Flooring and Fixtures

Your home has many fixtures that can be added, updated or restored to their former glory. Our custom built fixtures include:

Window and Doors

Design and durability come standard, at Fanfulla only the best quality frames and doors are sourced, taking into consideration your budget and the aesthetics of your home. All doors and windows are installed by our experienced team of professionals giving you peace of mind in knowing the final outcome will be to your liking.


Whether is it is wooden, bamboo, concrete, carpet, vinyl or tiling we can install most coverings. If there is a need for a specialised tradesmen such as a carpet layer we can provide one on your behalf to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Cornices, Skirtings and Architraves

Cornices, skirting and architraves create the interior framework for your home, so it is important that you get it right. They can be classical or modern depending on design and size. These elegant crafted fixtures are suited to many architectural traditions, talk to us about how they can enhance your home.


Modern or period style! It all depends on the overall design of your home. We restore period home staircases back to their former glory whilst making them safe and secure. When adding a new floor extension a staircase construction will be required. We work in conjunction with your architect and guarantee quality craftsmanship.