Living and Entertaining

Nothing is better than having living room space that has all the features and benefits to ensure family comfort without compromising the overall design. These home additions include:

Open Plan Areas

Most modern and restored homes add space by incorporating open plan living. Your home will seem larger and by adding natural lighting your living area will be brighter, making your lounge or dining room practical without compromising the design elements.


It is imperative that your lounge and dining areas are well lit. Using cost affective lighting that is environmentally friendly is our promise to you. Making sure their is provisioning for standard and pendant lamps to add those final touches during the decorating phase.


Whether your design requires carpet or boards, flooring is one of the key elements of your living area. It sets off the tone of the room and also needs to be practical. We use quality materials to ensure a beautiful finish and durability.

Media and Entertainment

These days your living room needs to be multi functional to ensure you and your family get the most out of this space. We will work with you to ensure that all your families needs are met from home theatres to gaming, be assured that this area will have provisioning for all your entertainment needs.